Karan: Arrogance has no place in Bollywood...

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Mumbai, Dec. 26 -- Karan Patel is happy to end 2017 with a bang. He ranked 95th in the 2017 Forbes India 100 celebrity list. 
"It's a proud moment. To be in the top 100 among 130 crore Indians means a lot. Even if it's the 95th rank, it is a matter of pride," the actor says, adding, "I feel this is a huge milestone in my career. Now, the aim is to keep climbing up the ladder and continue the journey." 
The 34- year-old actor rose to fame with the TV show Kasturi in 2007 that ran for two years. Karan returned to daily soaps in 2013 with a TV show that has been successfully for four years now. 
"I experienced success with Kasturi as well as my ongoing show; I feel it has taken me to a new level. Neither could have happened without the other. I feel success means being humble. As long as you have humility by your side, your head on your shoulders and feet on the ground, success can never leave you. It's the people who make you successful in the entertainment industry. If you take them for granted or ignore them, they will not be there when you take a fall. The more you want to grow, the more number of people you should take with you. Relationships with people matter. I am deeply humbled that people have loved me and my show for all these years." 
Karan has been quite vocal about the way actor Hina Khan has been behaving in an ongoing reality TV show and admits that his tweets regarding her behaviour is also connected to maintaining relationships in the industry. 
"Arrogance has no place in this industry. Being a successful celebrity means you should set an example for others who want to be like you. I tweeted when I felt her attitude was out of control and not in favour of my friends who are in the show." 
This year has been fabulous for Karan who says being on the list "gives you motivation to start the next year with a bang and lots of hard work". The actor is hoping that he gets a good film offer and things "move forward in that direction".