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Trailer mein KISS? Hit hai, boss!

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New Delhi, March 28 -- In a recent interview, filmmaker Karan Johar made a statement that has sparked off a debate in the industry. The filmmaker, whose next film 2 States' trailer has multiple kissing scenes between the lead pair - Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor, said that "including such scenes in the promos helps to get a good opening. It's the new ethos, but senior actors didn't do this. I like to watch kissing scenes, it's wonderful. Kissing scenes help to get opening and people also like to see it, so it's all about kissing."

Many films that hit theatres recently have had actors lock lips in the promo, along with those of upcoming movies. Even as these rushes are a hit online, the industry stands divided on whether these scenes actually ensure a good opening.    

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh says, "I think more than explicit scenes, it's the content which is important. If Karan is saying that kissing scenes get good opening, he may be right. But five million hits in 10 days is because the film is a content-based film. It has been made from a bestselling novel, and that's the main reason why people are watching the trailer."

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli and trade analyst Komal Nahta, too, reject the concept. Kohli says, "A kissing scene is not a sure shot for a good opening. The overall promo needs to be good, which is what connects with the audience."

Meanwhile, Nahta says, "It's the overall packaging of a trailer that excites people. There is no such concept that a kissing scene in the promos will help to get a good opening."

But at the same time there are people within the industry who agree that these steamy scenes ensure that people go watch the film. Filmmaker Kumar Taurani says, "The audience has matured. There are couples in metros who are in live-in relationships, and indulge in public display of affection, so why not in the promos?"

Trade analyst Atul Mohan also justifies saying, "There is a lot of pressure on the producers to bring audiences to theatres. So they use kissing scenes or bikini scenes as a USP in the trailers."