KJo won't dance at shows..

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New Delhi, Dec. 2 -- By now, Karan Johar himself must be jaded of people telling him what a multitalented man he is. The producer-director is doing a full-fledged acting stint in Anurag Kashyap's next venture, besides having been a TV show host and a judge.

The one quality this man seems to be picking up rather quickly from a dance reality show he judged is the ability to shake a leg freely. And with him having broken into a few impromptu jigs on the show, it now seems that he is getting offers to perform on the stage, at various events.

Ask Karan if he plans to take any of these offers up, and he says, "My manager is scared that this might actually happen; so she feels that I need to stop all this (dancing on TV)." And while he concedes that there have actually been such offers, he treats the matter in a light vein: "Yes, I have been getting offers to dance. But you know, these days, people can call you even with offers to come open an envelope."

On a serious note, Karan tells us why we won't be seeing him dancing at an awards show or event anytime soon: "For sure, dance isn't happening right now; I haven't reached that level of insanity... I have done enough mad things on TV already to last me a lifetime. And I think I have embarrassed myself quite a bit."