Karan: 'Bebo and Lolo share wonderful equation with Rishiji-Neetuji'

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Mumbai, Nov. 27 -- They are top names in the industry, but the two famous Kapoor cousins - Ranbir and Kareena - are yet to work together in a film (they came close to doing Zoya Akhtar's next but things didn't work out).

However, filmmaker Karan Johar has managed to get them together on his upcoming TV chat show.     

According to recent reports, since Karan was unsure of the relationship between the Kapoor cousins (and to avoid any awkward situations during the filming of the episode), he threw an impromptu dinner party at his Khar residence the night before.

"Ranbir and Bebo are very comfortable with one another. The two might not meet each other on a daily basis but they share a wonderful vibe. In fact, that's the reason I wanted them together on the show because people don't know that they share a terrific equation," says Karan.     

But then, rumours about the tension in the Kapoor family go back a long way. It is believed that Ranbir's mother Neetu Kapoor and Kareena's mom Babita have not been on good terms with one another for almost three decades now.

But Karan rubbishes this, saying, "In fact, both Bebo and Lolo (Karisma) share a wonderful equation with Chintuji (Rishi) and Neetuji, and viceversa, I'm sure." He adds, "I can't believe how people make up stories in this industry. Unfortunately, you can't escape media attention for anything you do. I don't know what we should do."