Aamir-Karan to collaborate?

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Mumbai, Jan. 7 -- Sometime ago, rumours were rife that Karan was writing a "mature love story" for Aamir Khan, but while the project was being developed, the actor decided against doing the film.

In no time, reports about Aamir having ditched Karan at the eleventh hour were doing the rounds. However, when we asked Karan whether this news was true, he reacted sharply, saying, "What nonsense? Aamir and I share a wonderful equation. I don't know where such stories come from." He adds, "However, it is true that Aamir and I have wanted to collaborate for a while now. If we get the right story, we will definitely make it."

Since then, as per the above-mentioned reports, Karan has been focussing his energy on his next project that will star Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma. "My new film is a different script," he says.

Did Ranveer ditch?

Incidentally, the one actor who did ditch Karan at the last moment was Ranveer Singh, who was supposed to star in Shuddhi (the film now features Salman Khan).

However, the young Bollywood actor more than made up for it by kissing Karan at a public event recently. Even at the event, Ranveer joked that his affection was all an attempt to get to work with Karan. But the film-maker brushes aside the incident, saying, "Me getting kissed is not a criteria for me to cast anyone. Ranveer is a very talented actor, and I will work with him when I have the right script."