Sunil Grover denies returning to the Kapil Sharma Show

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The fate of the Kapil Sharma Show remains doubtful. According to a new report, comedian Sunil Grover has denied that he shot an episode of the popular comedy show, and is still considering his options.

He reportedly boycotted the show after a public fight between him and host Kapil Sharma took place on March 18.

“It’s all a lie,” said Grover in a Mid-Day report. The same report goes on to confirm that Kapil Sharma is currently shooting for a film, so the question of them returning to the sets of the Kapil Sharma Show doesn’t arise.

When asked about the situation, Grover refused to comment on Sharma, and said he hasn’t signed on to a rival show on another channel. “At present, I am focusing on live shows and nothing else. I am also not talking to any other channel,” he said.

Grover recently performed a live show in Assam and is preparing to perform another in Delhi. “I am overwhelmed by the love I am getting from the audience. Performing live is exhilarating,” he said.

Kapil and Sunil reportedly had a fight as they were flying back with their team to Delhi from Australia after a show . Apparently, Kapil got drunk, belittled Sunil and also physically assaulted him. Sharma apologised to him on Twitter.