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Kapil Sharma working on script of his first film?

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After entertaining audiences on his Comedy Nights, popular stand-up comic Kapil Sharma will soon be seen on the big screen. He will be playing the lead in director Bumpy’s next, which is a crime-comedy.

However, a source close to Kapil informs us that he isn’t very happy with the way the script has turned out, and that he has asked the makers if he can work on it.

“The script was still being worked on at the time Kapil agreed to do the project, and now, after reading the entire draft, he is unsure about whether it goes with his brand of humour,” says the source.  

But the makers say that Kapil is only giving suggestions to improve the script, and not actually writing it.

“Given his terrific sense of humour and ready wit, he is coming up with a lot of great lines and ideas during our rehearsals and readings. We are improvising a lot and incorporating his suggestions for the betterment of the script,” says Ashish Patil, vice president of the production house of the film.

He adds that the process of inviting suggestions from actors is a standard protocol. “The final call on taking something on board, of course, always rests with the director, Bumpy, who loves the whole organic process himself. He is getting on like a house on fire with the cast, especially Kapil.”