Kanika Kapoor's jumbo move!

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Mumbai, March 22 -- Kanika Kapoor is well known for her sonorous voice, but not many know that she is an ardent animal lover too. 


The 'Baby doll' (Ragini MMS 2; 2014) singer has been an active supporter of various animal welfare activities in the past, and now, we have learnt that she has been invited to an initiative organised by Elephant Family NGO. 


The organisation works for the welfare of elephants across the country, and will hold the event, called Elephant Family Charity Dinner, in Mumbai soon.


Kanika, who is also the ambassador for the British Asian Trust, says she feels "privileged to be associated with such a noble cause". 


The NGO has also given Kanika an elephant sculpture to design, which will be auctioned in London, UK. "Kanika strongly feels that everyone - celebrities or otherwise - should be proactive when it comes to lending a helping hand for the welfare of animals," says a source close to the singer.


When contacted, Kanika said, "I'm most intrigued by the outpouring of support for the elephants, and I am going for the dinner and auction, as it's a very noble gesture for a great cause."