Even singers get typecast: Kanika Kapoor

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New Delhi, Oct. 20 -- Singer Kanika Kapoor, who shot to fame in 2014 with songs such as Baby Doll, Lovely, Kamlee and Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, feels it's not just actors, but even singers who get typecast in the industry.
"When I sing my other songs, people can't relate to them because of the set notion they have about me. They get surprised since they don't expect that I can sing intense and slow songs too."
Not many would know that Kanika has also sung songs such as Chhil Gaye Naina (NH 10), Da Da Dasse (Udta Punjab), Ankhiyan (Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani), and the singer confesses it's a conscious effort from her side to break away from the preset image.
"I won't lie but yes I'm consciously choosing these songs. It is a different genre of music that I am trying my hands on. Though I love all my songs, I didn't want to be known as just an auto-tune singer," says Kanika.
"I think I'll get more respect if I sing old school numbers too. It takes equal amount of effort to sing these songs than what people think. To emote and feel through voice is very difficult," she adds.
The 35-year-old singer feels that her song in NH 10 has given a new leash to her singing career. "That song did raise eyebrows and Amit Trivedi then called me for Udta Punjab. I'm glad he gave me chance to sing such a powerful song," she recalls. Not divulging much about her future projects, the singer shares, "I have lot of independent music coming out soon, plus there are some Bollywood films too."