Now: Kangana Ranaut's lawyer responds!

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New Delhi, Oct. 6 -- Reacting to Hrithik Roshan's public statement, Kangana Ranaut's lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee tells us, "My client denies all these statements and maintains that there was a relationship and she did not have any good reason to fabricate a false relationship." 
On why Kangana doesn't possess any evidence of being with Hrithik, Rizwan states, "She was dating Hrithik when he was married, so he never allowed her to take any kind of pics or keep any kind of data that would suggest any kind of [a] relationship, as he had to protect his image." 
Asked about the 3,000 leaked e-mails, Rizwan adds, "This is a miserable attempt on the part of Mr Hrithik Roshan to continuing using e-mails from her hacked account without authenticating the source."