Kangana thrashes paid media promotions!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Kangana is known more for her work and less for promotional activities and media attention. She’s one of the most sought after actresses, and yet the only form of attention she is okay with is interviews, where she usually shares her honest, bold views about things in general, or sometimes even personal.

So, when she was asked by Anupama at her book launch ‘The Front Row’ about her opinion on the growing trend of paid media stories, Kangana did it yet again!

She was quick and honest to reply: "I really don't know what to say. I feel it is very harmful for the business aspect of a film. You spend so much money buying these Media Net stories or full page ads, you can rather save this money and put it in the making or marketing of the film.”

And she’s a live, living example. Her film Queen (and it was only hers) was only the huge success it was due to word of mouth, and nothing more.

That’s not it, she went on to say: “But some people are interested in the buying part of things, they want to buy everything from the movie reviews to the media net to the opinions and so on. It's hard for small film-makers to survive in such situations."

Clearly, people care too much about the “made-up” image they have in the industry and to the audience. “How much ever you think that you don't care about what people think, at the end it actually does matter. When you are in an industry where image is everything, then this means a lot to you. People identify you from the roles that you enact and the brands that you associate with. In this time when everything spreads like wild fire, PR images does matter.”

Oh Kangana, how are you so dead honest and yet so graceful?