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Kangana Ranaut's kink-laden Europe trip

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New Delhi, March 30 -- After playing a simpleton in Queen, actor Kangana Ranaut has turned quirky and bizarre for her next venture, Revolver Rani, which will be her second release this year.    

Set against the backdrop of a political drama in rustic MP, Kangana plays a politically active local goon. And to portray the character, she will be seen sporting quirky outfits. She will sport dhoti pants with boots, funky glasses, metal accessories (guns included) and a tanned look.

While the attire is whacky, some of them also include scandalous outfits.  

Apparently, Kangana was travelling with her costume designer Gavin and they went checking out kinky stores in the streets of Europe for getting the look right.

"Kangana's character is crazy about clothes from Europe. She is also a bindaas and cool woman in the movie. We wanted to create a look that was a little futuristic and quirky, and at the same time realistic. Kangana also had a strong idea of her character and her look. That really helped me a lot. After checking out those stores, we got excited and decided on inventing our own personal style," says Gavin.    

The whackiest were the outfits she wore for a particular bedroom scene where she is showing off to Vir Das that her clothes come from Europe. Seen wearing a metallic bra, this outfit has been making news ever since the promo went out.    

"When she saw the outfit, she loved it, but was a little skeptical if it would be comfortable. So she wore it a few times to get comfortable, but when the camera rolled, she was totally in control. Kangana has the poise and attitude to carry it off," says Gavin.