Kangana Ranaut: Narendra Modi rightful leader of our democracy..

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Kangana Ranaut is not one to simply stick with one job. The actor, who will soon begin directing her own films, is not averse to becoming a politician either.

She was recently seen walking the ramp at the launch of Platinum Vogue in Mumbai as the showstopper and after the event, she was asked about her political ambitions by the media. While she did say she is too young to join politics, or have enough knowledge about running a country, she did say she would do anything for India if it comes to it.

She said, “Whenever there is any danger on our country, we have our soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives even without batting an eyelid. If my country ever needs me, then I will be willing to lay my life for my country, leave alone joining politics.”

Kangana also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday at an event in Delhi, calling him the ‘rightful leader of the democracy.’ Kangana attended the screening of short film Chalo Jeete Hain, which is reportedly inspired by the early life of Prime Minister Modi.

“The film has been made beautifully. It shows how Prime Minister Modi being a sensitive child went through such extreme circumstances. But I feel this film is not about him. Rather it is about us - how the society needs to be together to rise. This film is just a small part of his life,” Kangana said after the screening.

When asked to analyse the last four years of the Modi government, Kangana said: “He is the most deserving candidate. It’s not like he has reached this place because of his mother and father. He is the rightful leader of the democracy. We have voted him as our Prime Minister. This cannot be taken away from him. This is his well deserved place which he has earned after sheer hard work. So, there shouldn’t be any doubt about his credibility as a Prime Minister.”

Kangana said the Prime Minister needs another win in 2019 to make the country better. “Five years are very less to take the nation out of a pit. Our country is in a pit, we need to pull it out.”

Co-directed by Aanand L. Rai and Mahaveer Jain, ‘Chalo Jeete Hain’ invited a lot of praise from ministers after it was screened at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre on Tuesday.

The trailer reveals the story of a young boy, who keeps on asking his parents and other people as to what it is that they live for after reading a phrase `a winner is one who lives for others’.