Kangana: I've seen a lot of struggle

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Kangana Ranaut has been back in the news since a promo of her interview, to be aired on a news channel, was released. In the clip, she is seen talking about being a woman in Bollywood, and the struggles that come along with it.
She says, “I have seen a lot of struggle.”
The India TV promo of Kangana’s interview with Rajat Sharma for his show, Aap Ki Adalat, also shows her talking about her past love life. She says, “I actually loved that person. From ‘shayarai’ to ‘nazms’, I did everything that anybody does for a lover. He put everything out in open for the world. It’s like a second death when you go through this.”
She doesn’t name the person, but the referred person could be Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. A battle of words, and then legal notices, took place between the two when Kangana referred to Roshan as his ‘silly ex’ in an interview.
Kangana also talked to Filmfare, and poured her heart out. She says, “When men face rejection they do get bitter about it and then the work environment becomes difficult. And if you end up sleeping with colleagues then it gets more complicated. The mating game is the same everywhere.”
She explains how it happened. “Women have to stop falling for this bulls**t, this crap. This is not the truth at all. Do you think I’ll buy that now? No way. I have not yet met a happy married man in my life. No matter what the age is. At some point, post 25 years of age, you don’t buy this. But when you’re between 15 and 25 the natural tendency of a young woman is to fall for someone who could be an ‘ideal husband’ forgetting that he’s already a husband.”
So far, nothing has come from Hrithik’s side, but will he be able to maintain silence for long?