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Bhansali wants to work with Kangana

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Mumbai, Aug. 26 -- After producing an upcoming biopic on boxer Mary Kom, Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems keen on making another one.

Apparently, he has also met Kangana Ranaut to discuss this project. "Bhansali is fascinated by the way his biopic is shaping up and has already started planning another one in the same genre," says an industry source.

The film-maker wants to work with Kangana, and the meeting was to explain its concept to the actor. "They had a long discussion, where Bhansali shared a rough idea of his plans for the film," adds the source.

While his production is about a sports personality, Bhansali's directorial may be based on a personality from another walk of life.

The source says, "It's not about any celebrity from the entertainment industry; rather, it's about an achiever from a different field." Bhansali remained unavailable for a comment, and Kangana refrained from divulging any details. She said, "I can't speak about my meeting with Bhansali. I am meeting many people; and I will speak once anything is confirmed."