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Bagful of trouble for Kangy!

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New Delhi, April 20 -- Kangana Ranaut loves high-end fashion labels, and that landed her in an embarrassing situation recently. We've learnt that the 27-year-old actor was stopped by custom officials at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International airport for "not paying custom duty on some expensive goods".

On March 30, while returning from Dubai, Kangana and her sister Rangoli were stopped by custom officers at the green channel (meant for travellers not carrying goods subject to customs duty). An official told us that they found "undeclared, expensive bags". The sisters were then asked to pay the duty.

However, since they didn't have enough cash, they had to wait for two-and-a-half hours at the airport, reports the insider. Rangoli, however, says, "It wasn't Kangana, it was me. Someone had given me a bag which was to be given to someone in India; I didn't know we had to pay duty on it. I offered to pay through credit card but they declined. Kangana wasn't detained, she left immediately." But our source maintains that Kangy left only 15 minutes before her sister.