Aanand Rai strikes a chord with locals!

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New Delhi, Dec. 26 -- Filmmaker Aanand L Rai was recently shooting for his upcoming film in a village in Haryana, in which actor Kangana Ranaut plays a double role. The villagers would often drop by at the sets with gifts and food items for the whole unit.

Aanand decided to give back to the loving people and found an innovative way to do it, says a source. "Since one of the roles, Kangy plays, is that of a Haryanvi athlete, quite a number of scenes were shot in the village in Haryana. At the location, there where a lot of people from the village, who'd come to watch the shoot and many times they also got food for the unit," says the source, adding, "Aanand felt humbled with all the love he received and on the second day he decided that he would engage the locals in a way that'll benefit them and the entire village. So, he entrusted them with the responsibility of food catering for the whole unit. The villagers were also delighted to be commissioned the food catering for those days." The local women would cook up a sumptuous meal for the crew. At the end of the shoot, may came to thank Aanand for generating this unique employment opportunity for the village.

When contacted, the director-producer who is gearing up for the release of his Kangana-R Madhavan film, says, "I was humbled by their way of life and the love they had for us. I hope to reflect their simplicity in my film too... There is so much to learn from our roots. It was a truly humbling experience for all of us who live amidst the chaos of cities."