Jia Aur Jia: A connection beyond just name..

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Mumbai, Oct. 23 -- Jia Aur Jia starring Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin is a film about two girls who share the same name and take on a journey. 
Touted as being a chick flick, the film is shot across Sweden as the girls embark on a road trip. Joining the girls in the film is debutant actor Arslan Goni, who plays the male protagonist.
A source from the set reveals that Arslan is a spontaneous actor, and when he was on the sets, his dedication and focus as a debutant was par excellence. 
"While shooting for a particular intense scene, Arslan was to deliver a long monologue and during the midst of the take, Richa would end up laughing. Arslan, of course, was unable to concentrate on the scene and had to give multiple retakes. Much later, he realised that she had played a prank on him since the scene was not even a part of the film. Not just that, Kalki and Richa also convinced him to jump into freezing water claiming that it was a pivotal scene in the film," says a source.
Talking about it, Arslan says, "A few anecdotes from the sets are memorable. Shooting with the entire cast was not only a learning experience but a joy ride. I'm the male lead with two talented gorgeous girls, what more could I have asked for as a debutant. My director also made me put on an extra 8kgs, asked me to grow my hair and ensured I looked shabby to fit the character."
Produced by Connecting Bollywood (AB) Sweden, Trilogic Digital Media Ltd and AR Films, partnered, distributed and marketed by Blue Fox Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd, the film will release on October 27.