Kalki Koechlin


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Kalki Koechlin (born 10 January 1984) is an Indian film actress of French descent who debuted in Anurag Kashyap's critically acclaimed Hindi film Dev.D (2009).

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Actress Kalki Koechlin, who has separated from her husband Anurag Kashyap, has declined to comment about the status of her relationship with the filmmaker.
Several causes were highlighted at the recently concluded Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF), and organ donation was one of them.
Known for her offbeat film and theatre roles, as well as for being outspoken when it comes to social issues, Kalki Koechlin is now taking the stage for a different kind of performance.
Towards the end of the movie, Titanic (1997), Gloria Stuart's character makes an apt observation when she says, "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets". But most men would give an arm and a leg to prove that it's not just their hearts, but also the rest of them that continues to remain a mystery.
Actor Kalki Koechlin has been a part of many critically- acclaimed films, but her upcoming film, in which she plays a girl with cerebral palsy seems to be a tad more special.
Celebrities tend to get a lot of perks owing to their stardom, but often that luck doesn't extend to single actresses who are looking to rent a house in the city.
Kalki Koechlin, who separated from her film-maker-husband Anurag Kashyap almost a year ago, maintains that she is in no mood to rush into a relationship with anyone, anytime soon.
It's easy for actors to get typecast in Bollywood, be it playing lover-boy roles or versions of the same character in film after film. But, Kalki Koechlin - an Indian-born actor with French parents - has avoided being pigeonholed.
Kalki Koechlin, who made her Bollywood debut with Dev D, has revealed that director and estranged husband Anurag Kashyap thought she was a misfit for the role.
Actor Kalki Koechlin and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap may have parted ways after two years of marriage, but the couple has only good things to say about each other.