SRK and Kajol talk about working with each other!

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By Tulsi, News Network

SRK and Kajol share something beautiful! Their on-screen romance can make you skip a heartbeat, and their off-screen friendship is something that could easily make any one jealous!

When the two actors were asked what hasn’t changed about each, this is what they said!

Kajol: “There is a lot that hasn’t changed about him at all. One thing that hasn’t change about him is the fact he is more than 300 per cent present on the shoot. It is his energy that he spends on creativity, physically expressing himself and he takes absolutely no care of himself. He just doesn’t give a shit about himself. That has not changed for all the years we have known each other."

Shahrukh: “Kajol and I are very good friends, we are like family having been working together for so many years now. Actually, we are quite opposite of each other, even our styles of acting is totally different. I have done theatre while she is a spontaneous actor. Except for our beautiful eyes, there is nothing common between us. We complement each other. What has not changed about her is that she is a very natural person, and I tell this to everybody, that if Kajol doesn’t like something then that won’t happen, and if she likes something then that will unquestionably turn more beautiful. That is the quality which children have...the rawness. She brings innocence in reality which I find outstanding and it helps me in having a co-actor like her. Every time I work with her I feel a little more refurbished and I want to go back to that innocence."

Oh God, these two! :’)