Kajol: I'd like to say that I'm an ongoing process..

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While several actors use photoshop and have an army working towards making them look flawless, Kajol, in her own words has remained “flawless”.

The actor is evidently happy that she skipped the “acne” period in her teens. However, being the face of an international cosmetic brand, Olay, and an advocate of child health at the United Nations General Assembly hasn’t been lucky for her in all aspects. Kajol confesses to having struggled with weight issues.

In an interview with HT, the mother of two (her daughter Nysa, 13, and son, Yug, 6) shares her fitness goals and the discipline that she follows when it comes to skincare.

Did you face any skin problems growing up?

I pretty much had no issues. I never had acne. Nobody has ever told me, “You are having a bad skin day”. My skin was flawless. I am flawless (laughs).

Indian mothers are known to prescribe home remedies for everything. Did you get such tips from your mum and do you pass them on to your daughter?

No, I didn’t. In fact, Nysa is the one who keeps telling me, “You know mom, I have heard and I have read that this is a fantastic face pack. You should try this”. I don’t have the time to buy glycerine and rose water separately, and then mix everything together.

What is your beauty regimen?

I do not get the time for beauty treatments. But, once every two months, I go for a good facial. I am very particular about my skin. I never go to sleep with my makeup on. I drink eight glasses of water every day. I count the ‘ml’ in the glass. I have OCD as far as that’s concerned. I do these three to four things daily. I think those count in the long run, rather than doing something once a week. Well, at least for me.

A lot of celebrities are speaking up about beauty and how it is perceived in order to help young girls build a healthy self-esteem. What are your thoughts on this?

I would tell every girl and human being that everybody is perfect. The day you believe that is when you realise that you are individual [unique] and beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I see as beautiful may not be for you. But, I honestly believe in this — you have to look at yourself in the mirror and maybe lie the first few times, “Oh I’m stunning”.

Eventually, you’ll start believing it. You look in the mirror and realise that you are absolutely beautiful and perfect just the way you are. A collection of features or the colour of your skin doesn’t matter at all.

Have you ever had to struggle with fitness issues?

Weight, weight and weight. Wait for the answer, I mean (laughs). I go by the old adage that you can never be too rich and never too thin. I think we all work towards achieving both. I think it’s okay. It’s an ongoing process. It’s never going be perfect, though I believe that about myself (laughs). But I would like to say that I am an ongoing process.