Kailash: We feel stronger now..

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Mumbai, March 20 -- When they started out as a band, independent music's glory had long faded in India. But Kailasa injected fresh life to the alternate music scene.

The three-member fusion band, which features Kailash Kher (founder and vocals), Naresh Kamath (bass guitar, keyboards and backing vocals) and Paresh Kamath (lead guitar and backing vocals), has strong Sufi influences in its music.

As the popular outfit turns 10, they are set to release their new album, Ishq Anokha. Here, Kailash talks about the journey of the band, how his identity as a Bollywood singer has helped them, and more.

Your band is a decade old now. How have you guys evolved over the years?

We have become more mature, musically. Our bond has become stronger. Also, travelling across the world for concerts has given us a lot of exposure. We feel stronger now. It feels great when young musicians learn from your work. I am glad that we have constantly reinvented ourselves. Naresh and Paresh have been great companions.

Tell us about the new album.

It has eight romantic songs. We have tried to give different perspectives and expressions of love through this album. Its international sound is a mix of jazz and blues. The lyrics are traditional and rooted. We got several international musicians to play various instruments for the songs.

Have there ever been issues among the members of the band?

There have been differences of opinion, but they have always been work related. At times, our creative sensibilities are different. All of us come from educated backgrounds, so we settle them amicably. I am always open to creative ideas, so I don't mind giving in if someone else's inputs are better.

While most bands in India face funding issues, are things better for Kailasa because of your popularity as a Bollywood playback singer?

Definitely! Though I came to the industry to do non-film music, I was born from Bollywood movies. Before I released Kailasa, 'Allah ke bande' (Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II; 2006) was already famous. So, film music has made a huge difference. I am proud that it helps. The tracks I sang in Bahubali (2015) were loved by people from across the world, so much so that I have performed them at all my international concerts. When my film music gets appreciated, it helps our band as well.

What is the band's vision?

We don't release albums for shallow entertainment. We have always aspired for longevity. I am glad we have been able to do that. We have moved with the times. We always wanted to do good work, and we are proud that we have been able to earn respect with our work.

The band has a lot of hits to its credit. Which songs are closest to you all?

Though all the songs that we have made are close to us, we love 'Teri deewani', 'Saiyaan', 'Tauba tauba', 'Albeliye', 'Main toh tere pyar mein' and 'Jaana jogi de naal'.