Kailash slams the 'shallow lyrics' trend!

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New Delhi, Nov. 11 -- In a music industry where it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell one voice from another, Kailash Kher's unique singing style sets him apart.

And even though his recent numbers haven't been chartbusters, he claims to be satisfied with the work he gets. "I get enough work, but it seems less because my songs are not marketed well. The industry is changing, and a song is considered good or bad on the basis of how it's marketed. The trend is to popularise songs with shallow lyrics, but this, too, shall pass," says Kher.

Is he upset about the trend? "I'm okay with it. See, when I entered the industry in 2002, remixes ruled. Artists like me didn't get much encouragement. But my conviction got me to a level where people started saying I have created a new genre. New things keep happening, but I believe that shallow cheezon ki shelf-life kam hoti hai," he says.

The singer's band, Kailasa, is currently working on an album that will have mystical poetry, and has collaborated with Prahlad Singh Tipaniya (an Indian folk singer) for it. "We are expecting to release it by early next year," he confirms.