Kailash gifts son a tree house on his b'day..

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Mumbai, Dec. 31 -- A Singer-composer Kailash Kher celebrated his son, Kabir's seventh birthday at his farmhouse in Lonavla.

The 43-year-old singer and his wife Sheetal, gifted their son a tree house on his special day.

Talking to us Kailash says, "Last year, he was with me when we were doing a tour in the US. There in Florida, he saw a lot of tree houses and he was quite impressed with them. He started telling me that they look 'so cool'."

The tree house was the obvious choice for the gift and Kailash adds the gift will also help him realise that he is responsible for taking care of nature.

"That's what I gifted him and told him that it comes along with lots of zimmedari. Tree gives us life and living so we should be committed to saving and protecting them," he says. Kailash says Kabir couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the gift.

"I was a little bit busy with recording, so I couldn't be with him when he first saw the tree house.

But, he called me and said, 'It's beautiful papa. I love it." "Pata hi nahi chala saat saal nikal bhi gaye aur yeh itna bada bhi ho gaya. (It's been seven years, I can't believe he has grown up so much) Time just flies by. It feels like yesterday that he came into our life," says Kailash.