Salman Khan comes out in support of filmmaker Kabir Khan

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Superstar Salman Khan who's worked with Kabir Khan in Bajrangi Bhaijaan has finally come out in support of the filmmaker.

Kabir Khan's upcoming fim Phantom starring Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan has run into trouble with regards to its release in Pakistan. Salman supported the filmaker, saying the director will never make a wrong movie.

Jamat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed filed a petition in the High Court seeking a ban on the release of "Phantom" in Pakistan, alleging that it contains "filthy propaganda" against his country.

"I haven't seen that film so it will be unfair for me to comment on it. I don't think Kabir Khan will ever make a wrong film. He is a very correct person and won't make a wrong film," Salman told reporters here.

"Phantom" is an adaptation of S. Hussain Zaidi's novel "Mumbai Avengers".

The film releases on August 28.