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Juhi: 'SRK and I don't meet as often'

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Mumbai, June 5 -- With the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) celebrating their second Indian Premier League (IPL) win in three years, the team's co-owners Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) are ecstatic. We spoke to Chawla about her IPL experience and her equation with SRK.     

How does it feel to have won the tournament again?     

It's extremely special. It feels great because we could have won once due to good luck or by fluke, but winning the trophy twice in three years proves that KKR is a solid team. Throughout, we have really stood together.     

What would you say about SRK's enthusiastic victory jig?     

People love to see that side of him. He was over the moon. If Shah Rukh had his way, I don't know what he would have been doing (laughs). He physically expresses his joy and he did a lot of that [when KKR won].     

SRK really expressed his excitement. You, on the other hand, were very calm. Why?     

I think it takes all kinds to make a team. I might not do somersaults or dance, but I am emotional enough, and our feelings are the same. Our ways of expressing ourselves are different; all of us play our roles differently.     

Rumour has it that your equation with SRK isn't exactly cordial these days. Your comment?     

No, I don't think so. Everything is fine. And [such speculation] may be because we don't meet each other as often as we used to. But everything is absolutely okay [between us].     

You two were hardly seen together during the KKR matches this time.     

This season, Shah Rukh attended a few matches, including the opening and the final. During the matches, all of us had a certain spot where we sat or stood. Also, we were so focused on our players and matches that we weren't able to talk to each other or our guests.     

SRK dedicated the win to AbRam. What about you?     

I would dedicate it to my brother (Bobby Chawla), who passed away recently. He is always going to be there for me.