John Abraham: 'Keep smiling and stay happy'

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New Delhi, April 27 -- Actor John Abraham met an acid attack survivor recently, as part of Fever 104 FM's ongoing campaign for women safety - Fever Voice of Change.  The Mission Tezaab initiative, which aims at rehabilitating acid attack survivors and helping them start life afresh, brought joy to Tarana, the 20-year-old survivor from Agra, when she was made to meet John.    

The actor, face of this CSR initiative, met Tarana, hugged her, complimented her and told her to "smile and be happy". The 41-year-old actor, at the recently held HT's Delhi's Most Stylish event, said, "I was really moved to see Tarana. It's commendable to see how she is coping up."

Tarana, who was attacked with acid by her neighbour when she turned down his marriage proposal, was overjoyed to meet her favourite actor. "I was the most beautiful girl in my family. Today, I am scared to look in the mirror. Even going out of the house and studying is difficult at times. But I would like to tell all other acid attack survivors that the society will always look at us with doubt, but it is for us to maintain our confidence and pride," says Tarana, adding, "I am thankful to Fever 104 FM and John Abraham for giving me a chance to rebuild my confidence and opportunity to live like any other normal girl."    

Interestingly, a leading healthcare chain has come forward to take care of Tarana's reconstruction surgeries. And Fever will help more such survivors in springing back to normal life by helping them with education, jobs, entrepreneur programmes and special counselling sessions. Social activist Alok Dixit, who runs an NGO for acid id attack survivors, Stop Acid Attacks, says "When en actors support such causes, it has a greater impact in sensitising people." Fever's first initiative i of the campaign was Men Against Verbal Abuse.