Getting into army was a big thing in my time: Jimmy Shergill

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By HT Actor Jimmy Sheirgill always wanted to be an army officer, and if not off screen, he is glad he could play one on screen in Yahaan (2005). “When I was growing up, 80 % youngsters wanted to be in the army. But, very few of us could get through . I mean if you got into the army it was a big thing, boss. So like everyone else, I also wanted to join the forces and do something for my country. But obviously that didn’t happen. But, I joined films (laughs). When Shoojit offered me the role, I was beyond ecstatic and I will be always thankful to him for offering me that role,” says Sheirgill. “ Working in films gives you a chance to be someone you always wanted to be, but for whatever reasons you couldn’t be that. In my case, it was the army and I got a chance to live that life of an army man. It was a wonderful experience,” he continues. However, playing an army officer on screen is not the only character that interests Sheirgill. “ There are so many other characters I want to play. I want to be moved by a script and the character has to be inspiring enough for me to do that. I think Aman (Sheirgill’s character in Yahaan) had a lot of life, and that’s why I enjoyed playing it. The character has to be well defined and that’s what encourages me to take it up. I want to take up such kind of roles in future,” he says.