Javed Jaaferi: People tend to categorise you in some way

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NEW DELHI, April 22 -- Jaaved Jafferi's comic roles in films such as Salaam Namaste (2005), Singh is Kinng (2008), and the Dhamaal franchise are some of his most loved performances. While the actor is grateful for the appreciation the light-hearted roles have got him, he's not a fan of its by-product - being typecast.

"The problem is that whatever works, people begin associating you with that. If your comedy is successful, then comedy, same with action. People tend to categorise you in some way, and it's frustrating. You're not just one kind of an actor," he argues.

However, Jafferi has somewhat managed to escape getting stereotyped, thanks to his willingness to experiment. He played the antagonist in Besharam (2013) and Bang Bang! (2014). Which kind of roles does he enjoy the most? "Anything that's challenging. I don't distinguish between roles, whether it was Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India (1995), or Boom (2003)." 

Besharam and Boom, both were not successful at the boxoffice, but Jafferi isn't much affected by how a film fares. "Enjoyment is not dependent on success of a film. If it works, you are glad, but it's the satisfaction as an actor that matters," he says.

A popular name in Hindi cinema, Jafferi reveals that he didn't want to become an actor in the first place. He shares how he got a role in his debut film, Subhash Ghai's Meri Jung (1985). "I was in my final year of college, and somebody mentioned to me that I should go to Mr. Ghai, because he was looking for someone to play a role. I said 'I don't want to come into films right now', but they still insisted. I had just won the All India Dance championship, so they sent my tape to his office. I got a call, and then everything went further from there," he recounts.