Jacqueline: 'I would continue doing commercial films'

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Mumbai, July 18 -- Since her debut in 2009, Jacqueline Fernandez has been part of several commercially successful films, and she doesn't seem to have experimented much with the type of roles she has picked so far.

Preferring to stick to entertainers including her latest project, Kick, opposite Salman Khan, and another with Ranbir Kapoor that's scheduled to release next year she says she will continue to work in more such films.    

As of now, the actor has no plans of venturing into offbeat films and would rather concentrate on commercial projects, as she believes they offer meaningful roles as well. "People have a misconception that if films are commercial, the roles are not meaty and that there are no performances involved," she says.    

According to her, the effort that goes into making every single film is massive. "There is a lot of improvisation, and sometime even workshops are held, to make a scene more impactful. It requires a lot of hard work. [Whatever the kind of film] the actors have to work hard on their characters to pull them off to the best of their ability," adds Jacqueline.    

But she admits that Hindi movies were a completely new experience for her initially, though she's working on bettering her acting skills. "Because of my inexperience, I probably didn't contribute much to my roles. I would love to continue doing commercial movies rather than thinking that only offbeat cinema offers good roles. At the same time, I am working hard to improve my acting abilites," she says.