Jacqueline: I am a lover of cinema!

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Mumbai, Dec. 8 -- Ever since her debut with Aladin (2009), Jacqueline Fernandez has starred in a number of films, but most of them have been commercial potboilers. 
However, the actor feels the "most important thing" for her is to do films that she loves and believes in. "I love to do films in which I love my characters. And so far, it has been the case that they [all my films] have always been in the commercial cinema space. I've always felt that I can play around a lot with all the characters that I have done," says Jacqueline.
The actor admits that she loved she loved commercial cinema while growing up. "I am a lover of cinema, and, in fact, would watch a lot of world cinema, foreign films as well as small niche movies [when I was growing up]. But still, I would be really excited about big commercial cinema, as it would make me laugh or cry," she says.
But the Housefull 3 (2016) actor says she's happy to have signed a film in which the female lead is the main protagonist. "It has taken me some time to bag the main protagonist part, but I have signed a film called The Girl on the Train, which is a remake of a Hollywood film. I didn't take it up just because I wanted a female-oriented film," she says.
Jacqueline admits that she has been offered a lot of similar scripts in the past. She says, "I am not going to do a female-oriented film just for the sake of it. I really loved the book (Paula Hawkins' 2015 novel on which the film based), but I must say that I didn't like the film as much (laughs)."
Jacqueline feels there is a "lot of potential in the remake" that she's working in. "I am very excited about the film, because the character is flawed and has so many different dimensions. So I am really looking forward to playing her," says the actor.