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I'm single: Jacqueline Fernandez

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Mumbai, May 21 -- Jacqueline Fernandez has often been in the news for her personal life, but the actor claims that she is single.

Now, she talks about love, her upcoming films, her equation with Salman Khan and using social media as a tool to end rumours about her. Tell us about your love life. Are you dating anyone?

I am single and my focus is completely on my career at the moment.

You will be playing a double role for the first time in Vikramjit Singh's debut film. Tell us about your experience so far?

It is fun and challenging. Both the characters are relatable and, at the same time, are in sharp contrast with each other.

How was working with Salman Khan like?

I had a lot of fun while shooting with him. I learned a lot from him about being focused and serious about the work we do.

What would you describe your journey in Bollywood as?    

It has been quite a struggle. Survival in this industry, without any backing, is tough.

Several rumours about you and your alleged relationships keep doing the rounds. How do you deal with them?

I love social media, as it is a platform for celebrities to put their points across, especially when fabricated stories are written about them (in the news).