Now: Brands flock to Irrfan Khan!

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Mumbai, Sept. 23 -- Bollywood actors and cricketers are the top choices for brands when it comes to choosing an ambassador for their products. 
It is no surprise then that celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan top the list with the highest number of endorsements. However, a new name has cropped up in the last few months - actor Irrfan Khan. 
The actor already had close to seven endorsement deals with various brands, but he is apparently the new favourite for marketers. 
A source says, "After he shot for his Hollywood film Inferno (2016) in Budapest, he came back to renew his existing endorsement deals. Irrfan has also been offered lots of new products and he has chosen to associate with at least five of them. After Hindi Medium's release, he has signed with a hotel chain, an electrical company, a financial advisory brand and some others. The brands that he endorses have renewed their contracts each year, which makes him a credible name. His deals aren't only limited to Indian products, as he now has a global reach." 
The source added, "Earlier only certain kinds of mainstream actors would be approached for endorsing products, but now Irrfan is leading the new wave of brands wanting to be represented by credible faces. He has always been very picky and careful with the brands he's chosen. He is elated to be associated with them, but he wants to sign brands that won't go against his beliefs."