I'd do films anywhere if I like the story: Irrfan

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Irrfan Khan divides his time efficiently between Bollywood, Hollywood and other international projects. He feels “fortunate” to have received so many opportunities and worked with “different kinds of people.”
“If I do two-three films (in India) and still have time, I try to explore projects abroad,” says Irrfan.
The Paan Singh Tomar (2012) actor, who has shot a Bangladeshi film recently, says he “would like to do films anywhere”.
“If I am offered a non-Hindi film, say a Marathi movie, and I like the story, I would love to sign up for it without thinking about the money,” he says.
“The budget for the Bangladeshi film I acted in was a crore. But I signed it because I liked the director. People were surprised,” he adds.
Irrfan has worked with several stars, including Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, in the past. “When I worked with Shah Rukh Khan on Billu (2009), he was honest with me. He did exactly what he promised when it came to the positioning of the film,” says Irrfan, adding, “I have also enjoyed working with Akshay.” The actor says that “no director has come up with a story, where we (a big star and him) have had equal roles since then.
Irrfan goes on to talk about how he doesn’t need to struggle between choosing commercial and non-commercial films. “I recently acted in Jazba. It was as commercial as it could be. So, it is fine at this stage,” he says.