Imtiaz Ali's daughter Ida makes her mark!

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Mumbai, Jan. 3 -- The reactions "have been overwhelming", says 17year-old Ida Ali, who recently released her short film, Lift. Ida is director Imtiaz Ali's daughter and her debut film already has over 3.4 million views on YouTube but it's all too new for the youngster whose film has also been shortlisted for an award.
Ida says, "I was 16 when I made the film. I just turned 17. I shot it in two days from 7am to 11pm and then it took me about two weeks to dub and edit it. Honestly, I expected my parents to watch it, maybe [also] a few family members and friends. I didn't think a million people would watch it. Getting shortlisted for an award was even more shocking. I don't think I was influenced by my father's work. I watch his movies, I like them and we talk about it. But it was never like I took anything from him."
Lift offers a mature take on relationships. Imtiaz is known for exploring the romance genre, but Ida says that she didn't take any help from him. "I have a lift in my building and I noticed people, and I realised how much you can know about someone without even talking to them. And that's how this idea struck me," she says. While the film is entirely her own, Ida says that because she and her father are "in the same atmosphere, often", their ways of thinking may have been similar.
Her parents, Preety and Imtiaz, are impressed with her effort, and Ida adds, "it wasn't just because I was their kid; they actually thought it was a good film". Ida is currently in school but says she would want to study film-making in college.