Highway is my best film so far: Imtiaz Ali

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  1. INR 20.52 Cr.
  2. INR 25.25 Cr.
  3. INR 9.85 Cr.
  4. INR 16.55 Cr.
  5. INR 17.51 Cr.


Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, comes across as one of the more humble filmmakers in Bollywood. However, he, too, doesn’t shy from answering back those who doubt his work.

Recently, trade analyst Taran Adarsh had raised his doubts over Imtiaz’ film, Highway, saying, "Imtiaz would not go a long way with his Highway".

The Rockstar filmmaker, during his recent Delhi visit, on being asked for a response, said, "This ­person, who you just named, should go on his website and check for the users' reviews about his review, before commenting on others."

Imtiaz further elaborated, "I would be lying if I say that critics are not important. But ­criticism has to be positive. And that’s why I believe that the audiences are  your best critic. They don’t know you, they spend their time and money to watch a film that you made and hence their reaction ­matters the most." Imtiaz also feels that with too many award functions ­happening, the awards are ­losing their charm.

"They are important because they ­celebrate an ­artist’s achievements. There are too many award ceremonies happening. I feel, that is taking away much of the importance ­associated with them."

Ask him if he agrees with Bollywood personalities who have called Highway as Imtiaz’s best so far and the 42-year-old filmmaker replies, "To be ­honest I would want every ­latest film of mine to be my best. But I don’t know if it is my best film. But yes! It is my best film so far."