Imran, Ileana to work together?

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Mumbai, Feb. 22 -- Looks like Imran Khan is all set to team up with film-maker Nikhil Advani for an upcoming film. And we've been informed that Ileana D'Cruz will be paired opposite Imran.

There's still no clarity as to what exactly the storyline of the film will be, however, we've been told that the movie will certainly have a romantic angle to it.    

An industry insider reveals, "The film will begin only towards the end of June or the first week of July as Imran and his wife Avantika (Malik) are expecting their first baby. Imran isn't taking on any work until the baby's birth, and once that happens, his first project will be Nikhil's film."

The source adds that many changes are yet to be made to the script.  The insider also adds that a title for the film still needs to be decided. Although the cast has been short-listed, no one has signed on the dotted line yet. When contacted Nikhil says, "We're still in talks and it's all tentative right now. Nothing has been finalised."    

If the casting is final, this will be the first time that the duo will be paired opposite each other in a film.