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Love Insta-poet RM Drake? Well, Ileana D'Cruz is also a fan!

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New Delhi, Sept. 18 -- Remember actor Ileana D'Cruz's pictures from her Fiji vacation? She gave us something to smile about again, with a recent #throwback pic from the holiday.
While the black and white picture, where Ileana has a beautiful flower perched in her hair, caught our eye, another thing that we noticed was the caption.
"How could you think you are weak. When every time you break, You come back stronger than before. ~ @ rmdrk (sic), said the caption.
For those who don't know, the words are by RM Drake (Robert Macias,), a self-published poet, who primarily shares his verses on Instagram and enjoys over 1.7m followers on his page. The poet also has fans in Hollywood, including American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, American rapper Ludacris and even the Kardashians, who have shared his work.
Coming back to Ileana, while her caption game is strong, we also love pics of quirky sayings she posts. Sample this: "Some days, you eat salad and do yoga. Some days, you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It's called balance."