Ileana D'Cruz: Films get made faster in the south!

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Mumbai, Oct. 24 -- Though Ileana D'Cruz is a fairly new name in Bollywood, she is a popular star in the south, with many successful Telugu and Tamil films to her credit.

The actor, who made her Hindi film debut with Barfi (2012), has only done about three films in her two-year career in B-Town, as compared to her career in the south, which includes about seven releases in a couple of years. But that she blames on the difference in working styles of the two film industries.

"In the south, the film-making process is faster and that is how they manage to make more films. They have set schedules and they don't alter them. Also, the involvement of actors is restricted, and there are no big promotion strategies."

But, the actor goes on to say that she picks Bollywood projects very carefully. "Earlier, I wouldn't think about my movies, but now I choose my projects carefully. I don't want to do a film just for the heck of it. I feel I have reached a stage where I can choose a film I want to associate with," says Ileana.