Huma Qureshi's Norwegian surprise!

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Mumbai, Sept. 21 -- Huma Qureshi, who was in Norway last week to attend a dance and film festival called Bollywood Festival Norway (from September 9 to 16), was given a grand farewell at the Norwegian airport.
"When Huma reached the airport (she was heading back to Mumbai), a large group of Indian fans were waiting for her. They all rushed to where she was, as they wanted to click pictures with her. Huma was slightly taken aback, as she wasn't travelling with her team or manager."
In the middle of all that chaos, the source reveals that the actor was humbled by a 12-year-old fan. "The boy went up to her and told her that he was a huge fan. He gifted her a black-and-white portrait of her too. Huma isn't usually open to clicking pictures with her fans as she is shy. But for the little boy, she gladly posed," says the source.