Huma Qureshi will be launching her own fashion line soon!

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Mumbai, Feb. 6 -- Huma Qureshi, who is associated with causes dedicated to empowerment of women, has found an alternative for young girls who want to look stylish but cannot afford it. She will be launching her own fashion line soon.
A source says, "The actor will be overseeing everything right from the designs of the clothes to distribution of the brand. Huma wanted to make stylish and affordable every day wear for young girls for quite some time. She is currently in the process of determining the logistics and is excited to see how the designs and the fashion line pans out once that's done."
Talking about the initiative, Huma says, "So many young girls across the country want to wear good clothes and look nice. Fashion is just not for the elite. Fashion should be for anybody who wants to look good for themselves. I want to launch a line for school and college girls and young working women who want to be trendy, step out and feel confident."