Huma Qureshi raises her voice on social issues!

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Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- It was only last year that actor Huma Qureshi hosted a masterclass on her journey of how she established herself as an actor in Bollywood despite being an outsider.
The inspirational masterclass was truly an eyeopener for her and its success has now led to Huma receiving several offers to deliver not just talks but also workshops on acting, to help aspiring actors. She is also being asked to cover topics concerning woman empowerment.
Says a source close to the actor, "Huma moved away from a conventional career path and was praised for her performances and her choice of films - most of which have always been strong and substantial roles. Her first masterclass that was extremely well received went on to become a success. In fact, she received several offers post that to conduct similar workshops and talks. She is overwhelmed with the response and wants to talk about varied issues including women empowerment. Huma absolutely enjoys speaking on such platforms and is considering locking her dates for a few of them". 
Talking about it, Huma says, "I really enjoyed my first masterclass and I am looking forward to being a part of several more such events."