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Huma Qureshi doesn't like boring roles!

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New Delhi, Oct. 5 -- Hailing from Delhi and going to Mumbai as someone who's naive to the ways of the film industry, actor Huma Qureshi has definitely come a long way. 
From making her debut in an intense film like Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) to portraying the lead role opposite Akshay Kumar in an out-and-out commercial project, Jolly LLB 2, Huma has never been worried about getting typecast.
"I know that when you do similar kind of films, one after the other, people tend to stereotype. But then a project like Jolly breaks that notion. That's what my strategy has been," says Huma.
Besides working under a good production banner, if anything else matters to Huma while signing a film, it's the content. 
"I make it a point to pick films that tell you a story in an engaging way. The script has to be substantial and impactful," she shares. 
Describing "interesting mainstream cinema" as her cup of tea, Huma adds, "I just cannot do a boring film. It has to be interesting with a good role." Unlike a lot of actors who get affected by the boxoffice number game, Huma believes in taking it easy and letting the audience give the verdict. "It's in nobody's hands. So I rather focus on reading more scripts and bagging better projects," she says.