The situation is critical in Kerala, says Hrithik

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Mumbai, Aug. 20 -- For the past several days, Kerala has been facing a terrible flood that has left thousands stranded and hundreds dead. 

The flooding - described by the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan as the worst in nearly a century - began shortly after August 8, when a spell of unusually heavy rain began. Ever since, people from all quarters of the country have pitched in to help the southern state.

In the latest instance, we have learnt that Hrithik Roshan has also gone out of his way to extend a helping hand to the people of Kerala. A source close to the actor says, "Yes, he is personally involved in providing all kinds of assistance - in his own way - to Kerala and its people."

Apparently, Hrithik's assistance isn't just limited to monetary aid. "Apart from providing monetary help through the correct channels, he sent across five or six people from his team to understand what the locals needed. He has already written a cheque of a significant amount for the relief and rehabilitation purposes. The amount is undisclosed," says the source.

Hrithik has been in the middle of the last schedule of Super 30, but he has constantly kept in touch with his team in Kerala so he can remain updated and act accordingly. 

The source says, "He has been working with his team from day one, and plans to continue doing so until the state recuperates." 

He has also requested his fans on social media platforms to makea contribution for the state. When contacted, Hrithik said, "Right now, Kerala needs our help, as the situation is very critical in the state. We must do whatever we can. I would appeal to everyone to contribute whatever they can towards the relief of our people in Kerala."