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Hrithik's fans line up!

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Mumbai, May 17 -- Hrithik Roshan is no stranger to fan frenzy; ever since his debut movie, the actor has been greeted by screaming girls at airports, awards functions and other events. Recently, the star experienced the same while shooting in Abu Dhabi for his upcoming film opposite Katrina Kaif.    

Hrithik went to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week, and will be shooting there throughout this week. During an outdoor schedule at the Corniche on May 13, a huge number of fans gathered to get a glimpse of the actor, while he was shooting a chase sequence.

"One side of the street leading up to the Marina Mall and the Breakwater were closed off for a high-speed chase sequence. Since this is the first time that Hrithik is shooting in the city, many fans who came to know about it, thronged to the location. The crowd on the street kept growing through the day," says a source close to Hrithik.    

There were couples and many kids waiting in the scorching heat throughout the day's schedule. "An Indian couple with their three-year-old son in tow were at Corniche Road braving the heat and hoping to watch him in action. Many even brought along water bottles and snacks so that they could camp out at the location for a long time.    

Interestingly, these fans waited even after the shoot was wrapped up, and plan to be at the location over the weekend as well," adds the source.    When contacted, Hrithik's spokesperson confirmed the news.