Hrithik's big weight loss!

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Mumbai, May 1 -- Rippling muscles and washboard abs have been associated with Hrithik Roshan ever since he made his debut in Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000).

But now, the actor is inadvertently undergoing a physical transformation. We have learnt that he has lost some weight in the past few months, and has been looking a lot leaner as a result.

In March, reports revealed that Hrithik had sprained the lower part of his neck while shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker's period film in Bhuj, Gujarat. This injury, in turn, affected his shoulders as well. "Ever since, he has been unable to follow his regular workout regime, since it would hurt his shoulder," says an insider.

As a result of not working out, the actor has lost some weight, which is evident in the size of his muscles and abs too. But, he plans to regain them soon. The insider says, "Hrithik is feeling better now, so he intends to return to his workout regimen in two or three days, in order to regain his physique."

We tried contacting Hrithik, but he was unavailable for a comment.