Hrithik ready to go vroom on Lucknow-Agra Expressway!

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Dhoom actor Hrithik Roshan gave all indications that he will be the ‘star attraction’ at the inauguration of chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s pet project Lucknow-Agra Expressway by riding a bike on it.

Stopping short of committing himself on the subject, Hrithik said if he was asked to do so, he will certainly say yes. “Though nothing has been officially decided yet but Akhilesh Yadav is a good friend and whenever he wants me, I will be there,” said Hrithik in a video chat at Hindustan Samagam in Lucknow on Saturday. The Expressway is set to be inaugurated on November 21.

The actor who could not attend the conclave due to health reasons, answered queries in the live chat through a big screen put up at the venue.

Asked why all big stars of Bollywood are around 50 years of age, Hrithik who himself would be turning 43 in January, said, “Even some youngsters are doing quite well. Success has nothing to do with age.”

He also refuted that star kids had it easy in the industry. “It is easy only till the time they come in front of the camera. After that, it’s your talent that matters, not your family background. Talent is like water that always finds its own level,” he said. To further prove his point, he said, “Shah Rukh Khan had no filmy background but he is a superstar today while many star kids failed to make it big in the industry.”

And how he deals with flops? “It never disappoints me. Even while working for a film I am aware how it is going to fare on the box office,” said Hrithik whose last film Mohenjo Daro bombed commercially.

The actor said that though money is important in life, one should know how much one needs to live, and earn accordingly. “If you are able to fulfill your desires and do whatever you want to do, you should be happy. Beyond that point, money becomes useless.” He added that personally he was not affected by the recent ban on 500 and 1,000 currency notes. “I also made sure that people who work for me didn’t face any hardships,” he said.

Asked about film actors’ role in spreading awareness on health issues, Hrithik said people should have the courage to talk about their problems. “We are all the same. We should talk about our problems. The more we talk about it, the more we all evolve as a society,” he remarked.

He also added that while growing up he had lots of fears. “I used to stutter and was scared of almost everything. But gradually my thinking evolved and I gained in confidence. I realized I must love myself to overcome my fears. Today I have matured and I am not scared anymore.”

Future plans? “My objective is to stay passionate about whatever I do. And I am ready to act, direct, or do anything if I feel passionately about it. Accepting challenges and then working towards it is very important,” he said.

And his favourite song? “Bhool gaya sab kuchh….” he said in a lighter vein before winding up.