Hrithik looks into interiors!

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Mumbai, May 27 -- Hrithik Roshan recently rented a third-floor apartment in the same Juhu building in which Akshay Kumar resides. Although the actor is yet to move into his new abode, which is apparently a posh sea-facing flat, we have come to know that the actor is paying extra attention to the interiors of the home.    

"Although Hrithik has been busy with work, he keeps constant tabs on the renovation in his apartment. And though he hasn't visited the place personally in the last few weeks, he has been in touch with Alan Abraham (John Abraham's brother), who is doing up the plush abode," says an insider.    

Apparently, Hrithik has also made quite a few changes to the interiors. "He wants everything to be done as per his taste. Hrithik has specific demands, which Alan is looking into closely," adds the insider.    

Another reason why Hrithik is being so meticulous is the fact that he isn't in a hurry to move out of his parents' home (also in Juhu). Last heard, he was supposed to move in by March this year, but clearly that hasn't happened.

"He is currently caught up with his work and is in no hurry to move out with his bag and baggage to his apartment," reveals the insider.    Hrithik couldn't be reached for a comment.