Dheere Dheere reaches the 100 million views mark!

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Mumbai, Jan. 11 -- Gulshan Kumar, the man behind one of the biggest music labels in the country today, was the first to launch and encourage a whole new generation of singers.

His USP was his ability to tap into talent, and his son, Bhushan Kumar, has inherited that quality from him. When he took on the leadership role after his father's demise, he started a new trend of singles with a vision to make it an alternate source of creativity and business for the music industry. It was due to this very idea that Hrithik Roshan immediately agreed to be part of a music video when he was offered one.

Bhushan wanted to recreate 'Dheere dheere', one of his father's favourite tracks from the hit film, Aashiqui (1990). Yo Yo Honey Singh was roped in to give a fresh twist to the vocals, and Sonam Kapoor and Hrithik were chosen to star in the video. Turkey was selected as the destination for the song to be shot in, and when it finally released, it became a runaway hit.

'Dheere dheere' has crossed 100 million views on YouTube. According to the video sharing website, the song has become the biggest hit ever in the history of Indian music. Hrithik, who celebrated his birthday on Sunday (January 10), is overjoyed with the response. He says, "I gave something very simple a lot of love and it turned into gold. I'm very happy and proud. I'm also very happy for Bhushan, and the entire team for creating this history. It's nothing short of incredible.''

Bhushan, too, is happy with the success of the song. "We are super excited about 'Dheere dheere' having reached the 100 million views mark. It's the first time ever that a Hindi single has reached this number, which no Bollywood song also has been able to achieve. We, at T-Series, have pioneered many new trends in music, and I am happy that once again, we have created a whole new market for music in India," he says."