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The cutest pictures of Hrithik you'd have seen in a while

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By Tulsi, News Network

The last time we caught a glimpse of Hrithik Roshan was at the airport, when he was just leaving for Maldives. He took a break from his shooting schedule (Mohenjo Daro) and decided to fly off for a vacation with his family for five days.

Well, finally we’v got a, “at the beach” and “in the water” pictures of him and his kids Hridaan and Hrehaan! And mind you, they’re no ordinary pictures! These boys in black are absolutely cool, especially the younger boys Hridaan and Hrehaan in their coloured shades and doing the adventurous stuff that Hritik is known for! They are clearly going down the daddy road.

Well, Hrihik had already shared with us before leaving that this was going to be an adventurous trip. But seeing them at it is absolutely wonderful! While Hrehaan did some scuba diving, Hridaan, the younger one, went for snowboarding! They did everything that the island has to offer – rafting, fishing, surfing, kayaking and sailing!

Wow! Now, Hrithik is quite an inspiration to have as a father! This daddy definitely knows how to have a good time! Don’t you think?